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Salt is not only for cooking and eating. It cleans good too!

There are many natural kitchen products that can be used to clean the home instead of harsh chemicals. Aside from vinegar, baking soda this is also salt that can be used. Here are some ideas you can try.

Salt is not just for putting on tasty hot french fries. Coming from inside the earth, it is a natural product that can help get wine stains out of clothes, give ants their marching orders and do so much more.

Here is a list and you can take your pick.

Pouring hot water with salt down drains can deodorize them and prevent grease building up.

Add salt to soda water and use as a chemical free cleaner for the fridge

When you are finished cooking in the oven and there are fresh spills on the bottom, sprinkle salt on the spill and it will create a crust which will be easier to clean up once everything has cooled.

If you have bloodstains on your clothes and can't wash right away, as soon as you get home soak the clothes in cold saltwater and then wash in warm water.

You can make a sweat stain remover by mixing 1 quart of hot water and 4 tablespoons of salt.

You can clean your iron by sprinkling some salt on paper. Pass the warm iron over it for a few minutes and that will get rid of any stains underneath.

If you spill some wine, quickly blot the stain with paper towel and then cover the stain with salt. Wait 30 minutes and then wash the item in the machine.

Many people love to hang clothes outside in the winter, to keep the clothes from freezing stiff, add some salt to the final rinse cycle.

You can remove rust by making a paste of water, salt and cream of tartar. Rub all over the rusted item, when it dries, brush paste off and pass clean cloth all over.

You can kill poison ivy by spraying it with a solution of one gallon soapy water and three pounds of salt. Spray all over the leaves and stems.

Salt is wonderful. If you can't eat it, you can certainly clean with it.